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The original land was settled by Government Grant in early 1870 in an attempt by the government of that day to entice settlers into this remote, hot and unforgiving area.

Until about 1983 the land was used mainly for subsistence and cattle farming. One of these old derelict cattle farms (ranch) was purchased with no infrastructure and very little wildlife.

Most of the wildlife had been hunted out by the pioneers and early settlers.

Shortly after the farm was purchased dirt roads were established to gain access to remote areas, the property was fenced according to nature conservation standards and boreholes (wells) were sunk to ensure a supply of water during dry periods.

Small numbers of indigenous wildlife were then reintroduced.

A few years later two adjoining properties were purchased and once the infrastructure was established the common fence between the farms was removed. Indigenous wildlife was again introduced.

In 1996 an additional two adjoining properties became available and were incorporated into what is now collectively known as Swebeswebe.  The name is derived from a local dialect and describes the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.


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