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Swebeswebe hosts many interesting activities. You are welcome to visit, to walk a trail, to ride a mountain bike or join an organised event, such as photographic classes.  We ask that you contact us to make arrangements.  Regrettably we cannot accommodate activities on Swebeswebe without prior arrangements.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  +27 (0)14 763 6261.

We have facilities for groups of children, and a couple of camping options on our trails. 

Keen photographers come to enjoy uninterrupted views, game, birds and the Waterberg flora.  Some photographs become immersed in the small creatures which abound in the bush, while others capture the vast vistas of the Waterberg.  Photography classes  are hosted at Swebeswebe. 


Hikers enjoy a variety of terrains and views at Swebeswebe.  Some of the groups that visit are youngster experiencing the natural environment closeup (and having a good time doing so!)

Swebeswebe also hosts more sedate walks and walks with a special theme or purpose. 


One of the most interesting activities at Swebeswebe is bird ringing.  A species-rich area for birds makes this an ideal location to capture and ring birds - and then set them free. 


For those who like to pick up the pace, there is the opportunity to explore Swebeswebe on a mountain bike.


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